Глина – Clay

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Sculpt Mode – Режим Ліплення

Tool – Засіб:

«Засобосмуга > Глина» – Toolbar ‣ Clay

Similar to the Draw brush, but includes settings to adjust the sculpt plane on which the brush acts. That’s because it behaves like a combination of the Flatten and Draw brushes.

This brush is useful for building and removing volumes and shapes like real clay, because it flattens details as you add/subtract from the surfaces.

If used together with Dyntopo it’s easy to continuously build shapes, even in a single stroke.

Устави Пензля – Brush Settings

General – Загальне

Hardness – Жорсткість

Slightly higher by default. This makes the profile of the brush more noticeable. More info at Hardness


Enabled by default for a consistent smoothing effect. With lower brush strength (for example with lower pen pressure) the smoothing effect will be more noticeable and can be used to create and then blend/polish shapes in a single stroke. Enable Pressure to modulate the use of auto-smooth even more with pen inputs. More info at Auto-Smooth


More info at General – Загальне brush settings and on Advanced – Просунуто brush settings.