Smooth – Згладження

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Sculpt Mode – Режим Ліплення

Tool – Засіб:

«Засобосмуга > Згладження» – Toolbar ‣ Smooth

Shortcut – Шоткат:


Smooths the positions of the vertices to either polish surfaces or remove volume from larger shapes. Because this brush is so essential, it’s always accessible by holding Shift and sculpting.

Also available as a Mesh Filter to smooth all unmasked areas at once.


The brush called Smooth will be used whenever holding Shift and sculpting. If the smoothing strength or behavior needs to be changed, switch to the Smooth brush and adjust the settings there.

Устави Пензля – Brush Settings

General – Загальне

Strength – Сила

The strength of the smoothing is relative to the density of the mesh. If the resolution is increased on the sculpted mesh, the strength of the smooth brush will be weaker than before and needs to be increased.

Напрям – Direction Ctrl
Smooth – Згладження

Smooths the surface of the mesh.

Enhance Details

Enhances details on the surface of the mesh by applying a smoothing operation in the opposite direction.


More info at General – Загальне brush settings and on Advanced – Просунуто brush settings.


Деформація – Deformation

There are two deformation types.


Smooths the surface and volumes. This is the default behavior.

Surface – Поверхня:

Smooths only the surface of the mesh, while preserving the volume.

Shape Preservation

How much of the original shape is preserved while smoothing. Increasing the value reduces the effect of having multiple iterations on the strength of smoothing.

Per-Vertex Displacement

How much the position of each individual vertex influences the final result. Increasing the value reduces the overall strength of smoothing.

Iterations – Ітерації

Number of smoothing iterations per brush step.


This method works by applying regular smoothing, computing the difference between the original (blended between start of iteration and fully original based on Shape Preservation) and the smoothed mesh, smoothing these offsets, pushing vertices back using the smoothed offsets, and finally blending in the original mesh based on Per-Vertex Displacement.