Fill – Заповнення

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Sculpt Mode – Режим Ліплення

Tool – Засіб:

«Засобосмуга > Заповнення» – Toolbar ‣ Fill

Similar to the Flatten brush, but only pushes surfaces upwards to the medium height.

Although Ctrl can be held to invert the effect to a Scrape brush, if Invert to Scrape is enabled. When disabled, the inverted direction will push surfaces away.

Устави Пензля – Brush Settings

General – Загальне


More info at General – Загальне brush settings and on Advanced – Просунуто brush settings.


Інвертувати у Шкрябання – Invert to Scrape

When enabled, holding Ctrl while sculpting changes the brush behavior to be the same as the Scrape brush. When disabled, holding Ctrl while sculpting, will push vertices below the cursor downward.