Layer – Шар

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Sculpt Mode – Режим Ліплення

Tool – Засіб:

«Засобосмуга > Шар» – Toolbar ‣ Layer

This brush is similar to Draw, except that the height capped. This creates the appearance of a flat layer.

It is recommended to use the Persistent setting and regularly Set Persistent Base, so that multiple strokes to not add on top of each other.

Устави Пензля – Brush Settings

General – Загальне

Hardness – Жорсткість

Higher by default to ensure the profile of layers is more noticeable. More info at Hardness


More info at General – Загальне brush settings and on Advanced – Просунуто brush settings.


Height – Висота

The fixed height of each stroke. This is measured using the scene scale, so it is consistent no matter the amount of zoom or or object size.

Стало – Persistent

This will ensure that multiple strokes use the same height, as if sculpting a single layer.

Задати Базу Сталості – Set Persistent Base

This button resets a new base so that you can sculpt new layer.